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The Occupation

The resources we can offer for the Occupation are:

- a WW2 tour of Castle Cornet, featuring the lookouts, bunkers, footprints and even graffiti left there by the occupying German Forces.

- a Q&A session with one of our speakers, who can share their experiences of the Occupation with your children.  This can be included in the Castle session or it can take place at your school.

-  artefact boxes available to loan

- resources to download and print (please find below)

For more information, or to arrange any details, please contact us on or 726518.

For images relating to the Occupation, we recommend the Occupation Archive: /

For extensive information about resistance during the Occupation, we suggest the Frank Falla archive: 

Digimap have produced WWII 1945 reconnaissance photography of German occupied Guernsey.  You can overlay a 1945 photograph with a contemporary Guernsey map - click here