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Victorian times (1837 - 1901)

For schools studying the Victorians we usually recommend:

-  A 'Victorian' experience in Candie Gardens.  This is usually a morning and includes a handling session at the Museum, a hosted visit to the Priaulx Library and a visit up Victoria Tower.  These can all be booked through us and they can be arranged on separate days if you prefer.

-  A Victorian artefact box, available to borrow from us.

- 'The Victorians' activity book, aimed at KS2, is available to download from the end of this page.

- A Living History performance from the Guernsey History In Action Company.  You can see a full list of their performances here.  For the Victorians topic, we usually suggest Full Steam Ahead, A Gift for Mr Lukis, Victor Hugo's Toilers, Monsieur Victor Hugo or Cholera. 

To book a session or request more information, please contact the Access & Learning Manager on