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Guernsey's language (Guernésiais)

Warro! Activity Book

Guernésiais is the language of Guernsey and is pronounced 'JEHR-nehz-yay'.  Known as 'Guernsey French' or 'patois', it is actually a form of Norman.  In the year 2000 there were about 1,300 fluent speakers and perhaps twice this number spoke some phrases. There is no standardised spelling and pronunciation differs between parishes.  Most native speakers are aged over 65, leading the language to be classed as 'Endangered'.  For more information about the language visit

Here you will find some resources to do with the language. 

*  Warro! Activity book.  Videos to accompany the Warro! activity book can be found on You Tube, please click here to be directed.

* 'Counting 1-10' resource

Please get in touch with our Access & Learning Manager for more information on Guernésiais, details on the Contacts page