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Listed below are some of the most popular topics and what we usually recommend.  For more information please contact us on


The Stone Age / Prehistory

- A hosted session at Candie, to include a handling session of original objects and a look at the prehistory display.

- We have a replica Iron Age loom and can host a session about weaving. This would include children having a go at stick weaving.


Medieval times

- A hosted tour of Castle Cornet: a medieval castle which includes many original features. This could include a short handling session with some replica objects.

- Booking a medieval-themed Living History performance (via  This is free of charge.  


The Romans

-  A hosted session at one of our sites, including a handling session of original and replica Roman objects.

- The 'Romans in Guernsey' activity book, produced by Guernsey Museums.  This is available to download at the end of this page.  If you would prefer to have a physical copy, please get in touch with our Access & Learning Manager, via 'Contact Us' at the top of this page.

 - A visit to see Guernsey's Roman Ship in open storage.  Please note that this is just a store.  It is housed next to Guernsey Pearl at Rocquaine and can be tied in with a visit to Fort Grey opposite.  As with all our venues, we all urge teachers to carry out pre-visits. 



- Experiencing a Tudor tour of Castle Cornet (which can include object handling and a cannon firing demonstration).

- Booking a Tudor-themed Living History performance (visit  This can include a visit by a Tudor apothecary.  This is free of charge

- Borrowing a Tudor-themed artefact box.

- Have a look at the Tudor section of our Timeline and download a Tudors in Guernsey activity book from here.  



-  A 'Victorian' experience in Candie Gardens.  This is usually a morning and includes a handling session at the Museum, a hosted visit to the Priaulx Library and a visit up Victoria Tower.  These can all be booked through us and they can be arranged on separate days if you prefer.

-  A Victorian artefact box, available to borrow from us.

- 'The Victorians' activity book, aimed at KS2, is available to download from the end of this page.

- A Living History performance from the Guernsey History In Action Company.  You can see a full list of their performances here.  For the Victorians topic, we usually suggest Full Steam Ahead, A Gift for Mr Lukis, Victor Hugo's Toilers, Monsieur Victor Hugo or Cholera. 


Guernsey links to the Titanic

- A visit to see the Titanic plaque in St Peter Port.

- A hosted session by us about the connections of the Guernsey people onboard.

- We have a box of replica artefacts and items to do with the Titanic and this available to borrow from us.

- For more detailed information please consult the book Titanic: The Channel Island Connections by Alasdair Crosby (available to borrow from us)


WW2 / the Occupation

- a WW2 tour of Castle Cornet, featuring the lookouts, bunkers, footprints and even graffiti left there by the occupying German Forces.

- a Q&A session with one of our speakers, who can share their experiences of the Occupation with your children.  This can be included in the Castle session or it can take place at your school.

- a guided tour of the German Naval Signals HQ (recommended for Years 4 and over).

-  artefact boxes available to loan

- resources to download and print from our timeline here

For images relating to the Occupation, we recommend the Occupation Archive: /

For extensive information about resistance during the Occupation, we suggest the Frank Falla archive: 

Digimap have produced WWII 1945 reconnaissance photography of German occupied Guernsey.  You can overlay a 1945 photograph with a contemporary Guernsey map - click here